Fundraising for our Club

The running of any club relies upon the goodwill and generosity of its members, not only for their annual membership subscription but also their participation in various of the fundraising activities that we hold throughout the year. In the main this income covers our day to day costs and general maintenance but can leave us exposed when an item of unexpected expenditure arises or when there are improvements needed to the fabric of our clubhouse.

In terms of fundraising our club holds several activities during a year such as Quiz Night, Race Night, Cheese & Wine evening, coffee mornings. To supplement our income we have applied for and been awarded the following grants

Awards Granted

Home Home
Awarded £1,500 in September 2021 as a contribution towards the renovations to the club house roof. The total cost of this work is in the region of £9,000 and further fund raising will be required to cover this amount. This urgent work has however been commissioned to prevent further water ingress and resultant damage to the structure of the club house. Club House Roof
An award of £1,000 was received in September 2021 as a contribution towards the cost of upgrading the sprinkler heads to the green irrigation system. These heads were very old and failed to give an even distribution of water over the surface of the green. The works have now been completed and we now have a much-improved irrigation system. Sprinkler Heads
Awarded £1,000 in August 2021 as a contribution to essential renovations to the club house roof. Club House Roof
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