Fundraising for our Club

The running of any club relies upon the goodwill and generosity of its members, not only for their annual membership subscription but also their participation in various of the fundraising activities that we hold throughout the year. In the main this income covers our day to day costs and general maintenance but can leave us exposed when an item of unexpected expenditure arises or when there are improvements needed to the fabric of our clubhouse.

In terms of fundraising our club holds several activities during a year such as Quiz Night, Race Night, Cheese & Wine evening, coffee mornings. To supplement our income, we have applied for the following grants

Awards Granted

Meldreth Futures – Pathway Lighting


Lights down the pathway from the Club House to the pavement were installed in May 2019 thanks to a grant from Meldreth Parish Council who awarded the Club £1131 for this purpose. This will help us considerably during the dark evenings later in the season and during the winter, and make it safe for our members and visitors to access our Club House.

One Stop Bags of Help


Awarded in July 2019 a grant of £626 from One Stop to refurbish our verticutter (groomer). This equipment is vital as part of the green maintenance to ensure that there is a satisfactory surface for bowling, and due to wear and tear the tynes had worn to the point that the machine was unusable. Since the verticutter has been refurbished it has made a great difference to the green, and benefited both our own members and those from visiting teams who have remarked how much better the green is playing.

South Cambs District Council, Community Chest


Awarded £1000 in June 2018 for a replacement mower to cut the banks and edges. it will be a great help to our volunteers to be able to use a new machine for this.

South Cambs District Council, Sustainable Energy Grant


£2400 awarded in June 2018 for LED lights in the Club House. This work was carried out in October, and means the lighting is brighter and more efficient as well as saving the Club in running costs.

Tesco Bags for Help


Awarded £1000 in March 2018 towards the cost of providing a new electrical consumer unit.

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